We’re your best partner in corporate governance and director development.

We believe that Good corporate governance and ethical leadership are essential to organizational sustainability, effectiveness and growth; and for socio economic development and prosperity. With a membership of over 750 Board members, C-Executives, senior managers and a growing membership of young professionals and students, we are the premier executive development and networking platform in Zambia. We have been in the market place for over 20 years conducting board trainings, board evaluations, governance policies review and development and director mentoring. We have worked with more than 350 boards in private, civil society, cooperative and public sectors. Over 6,200 Board members, C-Executives, senior managers have undergone trainings by our rich pool of trainers. We have 66 experienced and highly qualified and accredited trainers and specialists in corporate governance and director development. We provide a rich member database of qualified directors and has made over 100 successful recommendations so far. This is testament that we nurture effective and dynamic organizational executives that are able to dive organizational success and socio economic development.

  • Strong belief in good corporate governance.
  • Membership of over 750 board members, Chief Executives and Senior Managers.
  • Trained more than 6200 Directors in various key topics in the past 20 years.