The modern organisation is subject to varied array of conflicts of interest. The realisation of this fact led to the crafting of two major objectives of Corporate Governance:

i) aspiring to eliminate or mitigate the conflicts of interests, particularly between those tasked to manage and the shareholders.

ii) Ensuring that organisation’s assets are put to use in an efficient and productive manner that derive the best interests of all stakeholders.

To champion this cause in Zambia, The Institute of Directors of Zambia was launched on 7th April 2000 with the main objective being to promote excellence in corporate governance and enhance the standard and effectiveness of Directors through information dissemination, education and publication of relevant Corporate Governance and Director Training and Development literature. The motivation behind the formation of the Institute was to support sustainable development of Zambia through improved direction and management of both public and private organisations.


A corporate governance centre of excellence that ascribes to highest ethical standards.


To promote high standards and practices of corporate governance in public and private organisations in Zambia to foster organisational sustainability.



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